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i never knew he liked me. we'd have to keep it quiet. or we could just tell h.r. happy valentine's day. it would never work. try the new brownie batter donut. get any six donuts for $3.99. america runs on dunkin'. few from overnight, that northeast snowstorm is deadly. snow coming down right now and how the bizarre weather system is affecting us here in the d.c. area. plus, a potentially dangerous weather maker of our own right now. strong winds whip through the region. welcome to the weekend, everyone. good morning. i'mngie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. this is news 4 today. it is saturday, february 9th, 2013. >> and that blizzard in the northeast is causing major problems right now. more than 650,000 people are in
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the dark. at least one death has been reported so far. a driver hit a pedestrian in new york. >> boston is expecting up to three feet of snow, which would break its record previously set in 2003 when 27.5 inches fell. nbc's jay grey is in boston. he has the latest for us. >> reporter: a weather storm pounding the northeast since friday continued to strengthen overnight into a fierce and relentless blizzard. making matters worse, hurricane force winds, gusts up to 75 miles an hour, creating blinding conditions. the projected snowfall foals are staggering. before it's over, up to three feet of snow is expected in parts of new england, including boston. the storm has literally stopped most of new england in its tracks. more than 1800 cancellations at new york area airports, 4700 flights canceled nationwide. the government of massachusetts ordered all cars off the roadways starting at 4:00, a
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move that made sense after this 19-car pileup in maine scattered cars across the road and into ditches. >> please, please, exercise caution and use common sense. >> reporter: this historic storm is the result of two converging systems colliding over the northeast. >> the conditions are horrible. >> reporter: horrible even for veteran snowplow operators. >> last year we had a very mild winter. very mild. i guess mother nature is making up for last year. >> reporter: mother nature delivering a powerful punch to a region still recovering from superstorm sandy, which struck just over three months ago. >> and that was jay grey reporting from boston. they are getting clobbered. >> such a serious weather event. as you mentioned, the northeast, new england and new york getting hit hard. are we feeling any of the impact here, chuck? >> oh, have you been outside at all this morning? you go that we are definitely dealing with our own impacts,
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but compared to our friends and neighbors up to the north and east of us, we're getting away relatively unscathed. that doesn't mean it's a pleasant day to be outside. it's cold. temperatures are in the upper 20s and low 30s around the area. as you can well imagine, that's only half the story. these are the current wind gusts. 43-mile-per-hour wind gusts in the city of washington. 40-mile-an-hour gusts out of manassas. that has windchills in the teens and low 20s. not much coming down on radar, so we won't need to be worried about breaking out the snow shovels. temperatures will stay in the teens through low 20s early this morning. a sunny and cold finish to your morning. we'll talk about the rest of the day and your weekend coming up. have something very heavy to put in your pockets. >> thank you, chuck. right now the first flights of the day are taking off from airports in our area. things seem to look okay so far this hour. at least 150 flights were canceled at reagan yesterday.
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all of them coming in or heading out of the northeast. meanwhile, in new york, stranded travelers at laguardia airport had no choice but to ride out the snow. kraus set up cots and blankets to people could be comfortable. >> it is not any better on the rails. acela has already cancel ed service completely between new york and boston. however, trains between d.c. and new york will schedule e operat scheduled. amtrak is still operating. if you have a ticket but decide not to travel because of the weather, you can receive a refund or a voucher for future travel. and today's strong winds will make driving for some of you a little more challenging. but there's another traffic alert to pass along to you this morning. right now part of the beltway is shut down in virginia as crews finish up road work. here's a live look. all lanes of the interloop are closed through 7:00 this
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morning. at arlington boulevard, also known as exit 50, this as crews complete work an the express lanes. you're going to have to take the collector distributor road and expect delays. new this morning, a woman is shot and killed after police say she came after police officers. the officers responded to an apartment complex on 53rd avenue. police say a woman pulled out a knife and charged at them. at least one officer fired a gun, killing the woman. police have not released her identity. a new campus alert at the university of maryland this morning after another robbery overnight. this one happened just off campus around 11:00 along lakeland road near rhode island avenue. police say two armed men held up a group walking down the street. this marks the fourth robbery on or near the campus in just the past two weeks. just this past thursday night police say someone held up a woman at gun point. police warn students not to walk alone at night. so do you live in the
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district? then today might be a good day to get all your taxes done. the annual d.c. tax and financial services fair is going on this morning. d.c. residents can have their taxes prepared by irs certified tax preparers for free. the event is hosted by d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton. it's happening at the washington convention today today from 10:00 a.m. to noon. you have to be a district resident to attend. you done your taxes? >> i haven't done them yet. >> such a process. six minutes after 6:00. this morning, the president's travel plans after he delivers tuesday's state of the union address. and we have some live pictures of that winter storm slamming the northeast. it is a whiteout this weekend in parts of the country. keep it here. we have more coverage ahead. and you can also join us online on facebook and twitter.
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president obama is looking to give federal employees a raise. "the washington post" is reporting the president will ask
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for a 1% pay raise in the administration's 2014 budget propos proposal. at the same time, the house will soon vote to extend the freeze of federal pay rates through the end of the year if t. if the freeze expired, federal employees would get a .5% raise. president obama is set to travel to asheville, north carolina, and atlanta midweek. it's normal for presidents to travel on a post-speech tour to further explain proposals to the public. the white house has not said what the president will cover in his speeches. we're going to tell you how you can enjoy celebrations to usher in the year of the snake. plus, the future of drones in our every day life. >> now here's chuck. good morning, everybody. welcome to your weekend. it is very windy and cold outside right now. the question s how long will that last? how much longer will the big blizzard up to our north and east be impacting your weekend? don't go away. we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all. we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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this just in from connecticut governor. he has ordered all roads in the state closed until further notice due to heavy snow. that means no one on the roads. you're seeing a few vehicles there, but these are live pictures of a highway on i-93 in boston. boston is expecting even more
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snow in the next few hours. chuck will have a look at that area and our area in a few minutes. this morning, despite broadening search efforts, there's still no sign of a former l.a. cop accused of killing three people, including a police officer. these are new pictures of christopher dorner taken last month by surveillance camera. investigators searched his mother's home last night. they also continue to scour the mountains just outside l.a. despite heavy snowfall. police say dorner is acting out a manifesto he wrote. an alabama prosecutor says we may never know the motive bhoind that school bus shooting that led to a 5-year-old boy being held hostage. a district attorney says jimmy lee dykes wanted to go on live television to make a statement but never told negotiators what he wanted to say. police say he shot and killed a school bus driver last week before taking a 5-year-old boy
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hostage in an underground bunker. dykes was killed in an fbi operation to rescue the boy. the past few weeks drones have been getting attention for all the wrong reasons, but those that are familiar with this technology say it is the wave of the future. a manassas company that makes drones is working to try and clear up what they say is a bad reputation. this flying object that weighs about two pounds and is controlled by a hand-held device is at the center of controversy. drones are here to stay. aurora flight sciences in manassas builds and tests drones. >> it looks like a peace of styrofoam. >> ceo john langford puts the drone together in two minutes. he sees the unmanned aircrafts as the future of flying. >> it's really headed in the long run to being able to make airplanes as easy to fly as cars are today to drive. >> drones can be used by law
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enforcement. an officer can get faa and the court's approval to deploy a drone. the craft goes where it's otherwise unsafe to be. >> in southern california where they're hunting down a cop who's gone rogue and they're out in the mountains trying to find him, that's a perfect application for these unmanned airplanes. >> but virginia lawmakers are considering a two-year moratorium. it applies only to law enforcement, citing invasion of privacy. the aclu says it's a good idea to wait. >> drones are eventually going to be so small that perhaps law enforcement could use it to fly into your house like a fly on the wall. >> but langford says drones are not stealthy enough for sprying. >> they're really loud. that's the irony. today, most of them are very loud. >> langford says the drones are here, but lawmakers are not ready to deal with the repu
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repercussions yet. >> the technology has moved faster than the policy and legislative part. >> the virginia governor, bob mcdonald, has yet to weigh in on the drone debate. his office says he's reviewing the bills that would eventually ban police from using drones. you can't help but feel so bad for our neighbors to the north. they are just getting pounded, getting slammed. around here, that wind is roaring. >> oh, my goodness. as the area of low pressure that's bringing the snow to new england deepens off the coastline, that's the reason our winds continue to increase around here. be ready for a ferociously windy day. if you thought you might be traveling to boston for the weekend, think again. you now have a new plan to come up with because there will be no plane or train service really from about new york city north and eastbound up through hartford and boston. if you are going home to boston this weekend, you now get to spend a weekend in your nation's capital going through the smithsonian. nothing wrong with that at all. good looking day outside today, but it is really, really windy
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out there. the wind is going nowhere any time too terribly soon. expect it for most of your saturday morning and long into your saturday afternoon as well. winds will really start to fade away late this afternoon and after the sun goes down this evening that'll really help. for now, it's 32, freezing cold degrees, here in washington. the winds remain out of the north averaging 29 miles an hour. the winds are gusting between 35 and 45 miles an hour across most of the region. current temperatures, 27 in gaithersburg and rockville. 35 in fredericksburg. when you factor in that really strong north wind, windchill temperatures back down into the upper teens and low 20s. a very cold start for you first thing this morning. highs today, gradually with a decent amount of sunshine, we should be able to make it into the mid and upper 30s in most locations. a little further to the south and west of town, temperatures
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should inch into the 40s. your hometown forecast in alexandria, virginia. 20s now. the freezing mark by 9:00. mid-30s but lunchtime. flirting with 40 for a high today. then back down below the freezing mark by early this evening. storm team 4 radar shows no precipitation to worry about just yet. we had a few lingering snow flurries late last night. those are now gone. if you're traveling northbound up i-95, just some very light snow squalls near philadelphia and towards the jersey coastline. thes monster of the storm is still well up here off the coast of new england. the center of pressure is headed up into the gulf of maine. there's more upper-level energy across the west that will reintensify that storm. hold on to your hat and hairpieces for today. a very strong northwesterly wind through the course of the afternoon. that'll lay down less wind but still very cold for the overnight hours tonight. teens and 20s to get you started
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tomorrow morning. a decent amount of sunshine early on in the day. high clouds are spilling back in by tomorrow afternoon. rain ready to return probably in time for your monday morning commute. back to work and school. so for the rest of your saturday, here's what you should expect. through this morning, temperatures upper 20s and low 30s with a very strong wind. 25 to 35 miles per hour. windchills this morning in the teens and 20s. for this afternoon, middle and upper 30s. winds coming down just a touch, but it'll stay on the chilly side. here's your all-important seven-day forecast. 39 with a wind-whipped saturday afternoon coming. clear and cold tonight. not a bad day coming up tomorrow. temperatures close to average with sunshine to start and clouds to finish. rain likely on monday. we're keeping our eye out for valentine's eve. wednesday, wednesday night into thursday. rain/snow chance. some of the computer models, some of them, like our chances
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for snow. others prefer our chances for rain. it's going to be interesting and close. >> time will tell. >> time will tell. >> all right. thanks, chuck. speaking of time, it's 6:20 right now. you heard the forecast for today's chilly temperatures. >> but that will not stop one group wearing next to nothing on the streets of d.c. today. >> gosh. wow. good luck to them. and heavy snow, power outages. the problems this major winter storm is causing in the northeast. what it means for us here. you're watching news 4 today.
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today, hundreds will strip down to their skcivvies for a good cause. it will happen here in the nation's capital. the run helps raise money for the children's tumor foundation. this year 17 different cities are hosting events today hoping to raise more than $1 million for the charity. today's race starts on pennsylvania avenue southeast and heads west on to independence avenue. then it goes up first street, past the u.s. capitol and the supreme court. these roads will be closed for the run, which goes from 1:00 until 3:30 this afternoon. >> very brave souls out there. well, it is time to dance in the south american city of rio de janeiro. the celebration of carnival began yesterday after a day of
6:25 am
street parties, samba schools from across the cities strutted their stuff with dance moves and floats that took months to build. the festivities run for three days until fat tuesday. >> in parts of asia, more than 1.5 billion people are getting ready for the lunar knew year. tomorrow marks the beginning of the year of the snake. markets are busy with people buying up food and putting up decorations. it's observed by many as a three-day public holiday. people will celebrate the lunar new year here in our area too. fair oaks mall holds its tenth annual celebration this afternoon from 1:00 to 6:00. our lady of vietnam is holding a mass with cardinal donald wuerl tonight at 6:00. >> i went to the one last year at fair oaks mall. it is quite the spectator sport. they bring out so many different people in groups from the area. they actually do martial arts. very great for the kids. it's 6:25 right now. the relationship students are developing with cops in classrooms in charles county. plus, how the northeast is
6:26 am
dealing with blizzard conditions at this hour. and here you go. a live look at the strong winds we're getting in our own area right now. hope that flag can stay up this morning. when could we see things calm down? [ male announcer ] so there's lots of people out there
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hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. it is saturday, february 9th, 2013. checking some of our top stories right now. police shoot and kill a woman after they say she tried to attack them. it happened last night around 10:30 at an apartment on 53rd avenue in bladensburg. officers shot the woman after they say she charged them with a knife. her identify has not been released. another armed robbery overnight near the university of maryland. umd police say two men held up a group walking down lakeland road last night just off campus. this marks the fourth robbery on or near the campus in just two weeks. and the snow is still coming down in the northeast. connecticut has already gotten two feet while boston and new york are both in the double digits. thousands of flights have been canceled and more delays and cancellations are expected
6:30 am
today. around here, our big story is just that gusty wind. >> yeah, it is really strong out there. you'll definitely notice it as soon as you head out, especially if you're one of those high-profile vehicles. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning, everybody. for snow lovers, we've really missed the boat. for snow haters, we have dodged a bullet where this big northeastern snowstorm is concerned. we'll not need to worry about snow around here. it's cold out. temperatures in the upper 20s and low 30s. the wind remains really strong. 43 the current wind gusts at national airport. 43 miles per hour. 37-mile-per-hour gusts in annapolis. winds still 25 to 35 up across the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. windchills this morning, 18 the current windchill here in washington. it's going to be a cold one here today. nothing as far as precipitation is concerned. temperatures inching their way out of the 30s to near 40 degrees for a high today.
6:31 am
but it is going to stay very windy. windchills, teens and 20s for much of your saturday. we'll talk about your sunday in the seven-day coming up. a massive blizzard is wreaking havoc across the entire northeast. nbc's jay grey joins us live from boston. he has the very latest for us now. jay? >> reporter: hey, there, richard. i promise i'm in here under all this. the snow still falling, the wind still blowing. it's going to continue for at least a few more hours here in boston. i'm in copley square, where we have 20 inches and that's growing. it's basically crippled this entire state. there's been a ban on driving on all roads since 4:00 yesterday when the governor signed an order. there are plows out right now, though i have to stay frankly i'm not sure they're doing a ton of good. obviously they're keeping things fresh and trying to keep ahead of this, but the wind is just blowing too dramatically at times for them to really make
6:32 am
any significant progress here. there are more than 400,000 people without power in this state. more than 600,000 across new england. so that's an issue that i believe is going to continue to climb as we see the accumulation numbers climb. the blizzard warning in the boston area alone doesn't end until 1:00 this afternoon. so there's still a ways to go before we're on the backside of this storm. still a lot more snow. then, of course, the process of digging out and restoring some of that power. so it's going to be a couple of days, richard. >> jay, there's been some severe restrictions there as far as traveling goes. the governor ordered everyone off the roads early yesterday afternoon. have you seen people coming out at all yet? >> reporter: look, all we've seen is a few people venturing out to take a look at what's going on but then scurrying back in. not a lot of people out on the streets. that's the good news. for a couple days leading into
6:33 am
this storm, a lot of people stocked up on supplies. those we talked to said they were making sure they had enough provisions to last a couple days. it looks like most people listened to the advice of officials, staying inside, st staying away from all this. >> yeah, definitely looks like people want to be in that too long. we appreciate you braving the elements for us, jay. >> reporter: glad to do it. >> when it's snowing sideways like that, never a good thing. right now, the storm has stranded dozens of cars on the long island expressway. take a look at this video from new york. police say people started getting stuck friday afternoon and things got progressively worse because the snow just kept piling and piling up. at one point, police confirmed hundreds of cars were stranded. the expressway is closed right now except for emergency vehicles. police say there have not been any reported injuries. and the snowy weather turned at least one connecticut man into a local hero. check this out. orland small drives a tow truck in the granite state.
6:34 am
he spent the last day driving around rescuing people whose cars had gotten stuck in the snow. he says it's his responsibility to help those who need a lift. >> no job too small or too big for us. >> the tow truck is on the way? >> yes, it is. it will always be on the way because that's what we do. we're always on the way to get you when you need us. >> and his advice, he's agreeing with what the leaders around the region have been saying this whole time. if you don't have to go out, stay off the road. now to an interview you won't see anywhere else. a man dies waiting for an ambulance to arrive. now the city is hitting his son with a bill for almost $800. here's a news 4 exclusive. >> it's ridiculous. >> reporter: he is outraged. >> i feel angry, upset. i'm disturbed that we even received this bill. >> reporter: d.c. fire ems mailed a bill for $780.85 for
6:35 am
ambulance services new year's eve night. that's when his father died while waiting for an ambulance at his southeast home. for more than 30 minutes. >> my sister and i were still grieving about the situation, very angry about what happened and the service we did not receive from the district. >> reporter: the day after news 4 first reported the story, chief kenneth ellerby told us a fire truck was first on the scene. >> we did respond as quickly as possible. i think we were at the area in question within nine minutes. the challenge for us was providing ambulance service. >> reporter: the ford family says they called 911 for that ambulance service at ford sr. began to have trouble breathing. dispatch records show the call was logged at 1:25 a.m. but after what family members say was a wait for an ambulance that seemed to go on forever, dispatch requested help from prince george's county at 1:47. a minute later a county ambulance was dispatched from oxen hill more than seven miles away and arrived at mr. ford's
6:36 am
house ten minutes later. >> a full investigation needs to be done about what's going on in this department. >> d.c. fire and ems has not returned our phone calls to discuss the bill. meantime, d.c. councilmember evette alexander, she tells news 4, quote, based on my experience and similar circumstances, d.c. ems has not billed. this seems quite unusual, and i'll help the family resolve the matter, end quote. today is the start of what many hope will be an annual tradition. the first annual louden health and fitness fair is happening today. it runs from 10:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon. parking and admission are completely free. remember, we're just about a month away from the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. it is the 20th year for this event. the event runs march 16th and 17th at the washington convention center. always a great time. did you make it -- you weren't here last year.
6:37 am
>> this will be my first. >> wow. this is awesome. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> a lot of our viewers come out. it's a great time to connect with them as well. >> we'll see everyone there. 6:36 right now. traffic is one of the biggest frustrations in the d.c. area. >> well, the event today giving you a voice in helping get rid of that gridlock. and the star of an nbc sitcom makes a major announcement about her future on the show. and a windy start to the weekend. chuck bell's forecast is
6:38 am
6:39 am
u.s. transportation regulators shut down a
6:40 am
california tour bus operator after a deadly crash earlier this week. the administration says the bus line poses an imminent hazard to public safety because of serious safety violations. a bus bringing passengers to tijuana last sunday crashed into a car and flipped while in the san bernardino mountains. today, first lady michelle obama will head to chicago to honor a 15-year-old killed last month. she was shot and killed just days after performing at some of president obama's inauguration festivities here in d.c. she was a band majorette for her high school. illinois governor pat quinn and senior adviser will also attend today's services. schools around the country are looking at how they can keep their students safe. in charles county, maryland, schools there are looking at a more personal approach than
6:41 am
most. news 4's jackie benson has the story. >> what does that say about you as a society? >> reporter: discussing a quote from russian literature is all in a day's work. he's the school resource officer. in the complicated world of teenagers, he is an approachable adult, dispensing a combination of justice, advice, and occasionally tough love. >> he is a deterrent when people come in. i think they're comforted, whether it be a teacher, student, or parent to know we have an officer that can react appropriately, immediately to a situation. >> reporter: for years, while other law enforcement agencies were pulling cops from schools for budget reason, charles county sheriff rex coffee was adding them. >> our officers that are in the middle schools and high schools are also responsible to, you know, make periodic checks to the elementary schools. that's something we've been doing here for a while in charles county. >> reporter: the school system even has its own version of the crime solvers program. cash for anonymous tips that solve or prevent crimes.
6:42 am
>> we were there to assist them and be available for their questions and concerns. so eventually, you get from parking our cars around back and being seen up front. >> reporter: as the nation ponders the best way to protect its school children. here, it's pretty simple. if there's trouble, corporal black will take care of it. >> i think he makes things safer. we had a fight the other day. he was there to break it up, talk to everybody. >> i've been here for a while. this is my fifth year. when i see everybody and they've come back the following year, to see the day they've matured and are growing up and becoming a productive part of seat. >> reporter: officials here have felt this program is so successful they've actually invited the united states justice department to come here and see how it works. jackie benson, news 4. >> awesome they can set the example. right now it's 6:42. the "today" show is next.
6:43 am
starts at 8:00. >> let's get a preview now. erica hill is joining us live from new york. >> hey, richard and angie. just ahead on a saturday morning on "today," a little blizzard talk for you. blanketing the northeast. what a mess it is this morning. al roker is live in boston. we have correspondents across the region. we'll bring you the latest not only on the snowfall and power outages but also the travel delays that could affect people from coast to coast. plus, the man hunt for an ex-police officer who's now suspected of three murders in california. this morning, his former boss is here to talk about the investigation and how he thinks this case might end. plus, i am going to go out on a limb here and i'm pretty confident in saying that i doubt either one of you slept for a full eight hours last night. you probably don't note last time you had eight hours of sleep. and you're not alone. turns out all that lack of sleep could be costing companies big money. see if there's a case to be made for the company nap room. we'll explain more. plus, you may have heard
6:44 am
about the teenager who flipped off a judge in court. she had a chance to apologize. we'll tell you how it went. so we'll have that and much more for you when we get started on a saturday morning. you don't sleep eight hours. i know it. >> i got five in, which is a lot. >> i think that's good. that's what i average, i think. >> but we're thinking about you up there, erica. i know you were busy yesterday at the airports. this is a huge story impacting so many of you in new york. >> yeah, a lot of people dealing with a lot this morning. i have to tell you, they are on it in this city. from the time i got up this morning and got on the roads, one thing they're good at is cleaning up snow. hats off to all the folks up doing that this morning. >> yeah, we're glad to hear it. thanks a lot, erica. the district is hoping for input from plenty of people today about transportation in the city. d-dot is hosting today's move d.c. idea exchange. the district wants anyone who lives, works, or travels through the d.c. to come share their ideas about transportation. it's happening at the martin luther king memorial library in chinatown.
6:45 am
it goes on from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 this afternoon. track work on two metro lines could cause some delays for you this weekend. on the red line, trains will single track between shady grove and twin brook and between rhode island avenue and tacoma. on the orange line, you're going to see trains sharing tracks between boston and west falls church and between stadium armory and cheverly. and the work lasts through tomorrow morning. next week, carden will join the naacp, the national urban league and other groups to support honoring tubman. the nbc sitcom "up all night" is facing some major changes as one of its stars is leaving the show. christina applegate says the show has, quote, taken a different creative direction, end quote, and is movingn to other projects.
6:46 am
the show starred her and will arnett as a couple with a new baby. it struggled with ratings and has seen several changes, both in the producer ranks and its camera format. justin bieber is set to host and perform on tonight's episode of "saturday night live." fans of the biebs defied mother nature to try to see him. fans line the up in the snow to try and snag tickets for tonight's show. because of the storm, "snl" officials gave out stand-by tickets last night. they also decided to feed these loyal fan, getting them some pizza while they waited. you can watch justin bieber host and perform on "saturday night live" tonight starting at 11:30 here on nbc 4. >> yeah, they were tweeting all yesterday, don't stop bielebing. today, a happy couple will tie the knot in unusual circumstances. they are getting married today in connecticut despite the massive snowstorm. these two love birds are still planning to exchange their vows. sister station wvit talked to
6:47 am
the bride yesterday and asked how she's doing in the storm. >> it's been great. i mean, all of our friends are here. all of our family is here. they're supporting us. we're just getting through the day and going to make it to our ceremony tomorrow afternoon. it's our winder wonderland wedding. just what i wanted. >> for better or worse, right? the couple says they expect around 160 people at their wedding. they won't be going anywhere soon. governor dan malloy issued a travel ban yesterday with everybody stuffed inside that hotel. you know that's going to be one g good reception. >> i'm expecting some people to be no shows there. >> they might get a pass, right? >> uh-huh. >> but the hotel will still make them pay for the plate. >> richard's got it. >> as long as the gift shows up. >> you know, good, hearty new englanders, you don't plan a wedding in the depth of wintertime in new england
6:48 am
without knowing this could be a possibility. for us, our snow-challenged winter continues around here. one big snowstorm after another just seems to keep missing us here. we will have a chance, and i've got it on the seven-day forecast. maybe a little something coming our way midweek. for now, it is a ferociously windy start to your weekend. you know the rule, kids. whether it's 40-pound or 50-pound kids, you'll need the rocks in the pockets on account of the wind outside. it would be a relatively good kite flying day, but you better have very solid test line attached to that kite because it is really going to get yanked up into the sky today. a very blustery north wind now. beautiful looking sky out there. not much in the way of a cloud deck to worry about this morning. 32 degrees. winds out of the north averaging almost 30, gusting to over 40 miles an hour. really windy stuff outside for you this morning. temperatures, mostly in the upper 20s and low 30s for now.
6:49 am
not going to see a big rise in the temperatures later on today because of all the wind. windchills, yes, indeed. if the wind is blowing that hard, we have windchills to contend with this morning. teens and 20s for sure. what do our future temperatures look like? upper 20s and 30s now. up into the low 30s by 10:00 this morning. for a brief time this afternoon, temperatures should generally reach into the upper 30s to near 40 degrees. a little warmer just down to the south. by 7:30 this evening, everybody headed back down below the freezing mark and should be there before 11:00 p.m. this evening. again, highs today, upper 30s and low 40s. a decent amount of sunshine. it's going to be very windy outside. you really need some sort of wind protection, especially for the backs of your ears and neck if you're going to be outside today. not much going on on radar. the nearest snowflakes to us are up across parts of southern new jersey. they're not going to be bothering us. a random snow flurry or two. that's about all we can get
6:50 am
today. look at all the snow. portland, maine, down to boston, out wartowards the cape and islands. if you have flights going into new york city or any northeastern airports, call ahead before you spend all day at the airport. hold on to your hats for us around here today. west and northwesterly winds gusting well over 40 miles an hour through at least lunchtime. then the winds will gradually ease down. it'll be a blustery afternoon. wind laying down pretty good overnight tonight. that'll leave us with a nicer day tomorrow. your wind-whipped saturday. temperatures, low to mid-30s this morning with the very strong wind out of the northwest. winds this afternoon, 20 to 30 miles per hour with temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. for this evening, wind 10 to 20 miles per hour. that won't be quite so bad. tomorrow, a much nicer day coming our way. temperatures back into the 40s. here's your seven-day forecast. a windy saturday. a pleasant enough sunday. sunshine to start tomorrow. clouds coming back tomorrow afternoon. rain is likely for monday.
6:51 am
that one will be all rain as temperatures may get near 60 degrees. but the wednesday, wednesday night, thursday time frame does need to be watched, snow lovers. i'm not willing to go out on the limb too far just yet because i can always hear that sawing noise behind me. let's say it's a possibility i'm cautiously optimistic for it. >> all right. looking forward to it. thanks. today is a major day for tech giant microsoft. the company's surface pro tablet officially goes on sale today. so far the reviews are pretty good. the device mixes the design of a tablet with that of a laptop. it's the company's first attempt to building a pc itself. the seattle times calls it faster and more powerful than a new desk top or laptop and could be the perfect tablet for many business people. the one downfall, they're saying, the battery does not last an entire day. i can see why this is attractive because this tablet or tablet
6:52 am
computer will be able to run windows 8 and windows 7, those desk top applications that so many tablets obviously don't unless you're using parallels. now i'm getting into tech talk. but the bottom line, $899. that's what they're estimating it will start at. tomorrow is the biggest music night. the industry top talents will recognize or be recognized at the grammy awards. >> there are some notable names like justin bieber and nicki minaj that are not on the nomination list. the ones that are nominated, it could be a big night for them. nbc's mark barger has a preview. >> reporter: the song that was inescapable could prove irresistible at the grammys. >> if the song of the year grammy goes to anyone other than carly rae jepsen, i'm going to have a problem with it. >> reporter: with a field that includes ed sheeran, miguel,
6:53 am
kelly clarkson and fun, "call me maybe" is still the clear-cut choice. >> this song was so good that everyone from sort of traveling baseball teams to muppets could sing it and make it sound compelling. >> reporter: even if she wins song of the year, she won't rule the grammys the way adele did last year. >> adele dominated in a way that people rarely dominate. >> reporter: but r&b star frank ocean could be among the night's multiple winners. he's one of the six acts coming in with six nominations. his include best new artist, album of the year for "channel orange" and record of the year for "thinking about you." >> when you can have success selling records and make music that is really critically aclaimed, i think that makes you a strong and potent threat to win a grammy. >> reporter: "stronger" is one of the tunes competing with ocean for record of the year. so is fellow best song nominee "we are young." the black keys are also in the hunt with "lonely boy."
6:54 am
as well as gotye with "somebody that i used to know." and taylor swift for "we are never getting back together." >> record of the year is really the greatest tossup. anyone who tells you they know who's going to win this category is really selling you a line of goods. >> reporter: meantime, anyone walking away with a grammy sunday night will very likely sell a lot more music. mark barger, nbc news. >> a lot of us are watching for the fashion as well. i'm kind of bummed out because they toned it down. they put out rules. >> yeah, i know. less skin. that's the rule. and you're bummed out about it. 6:54 right now. next, what a waiter said to a rude customer that earned him a special honor.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
the capitals try and notch just their third win of the season tonight against florida. >> and the wizards continue to surprise everyone with their suffocating defense. carol maloney has is in this morning's sports minute. >> good saturday morning, everyone. i'm carol maloney. better bundle up because your sports minute starts on the ice. capitals with the league worst 2-8-1 record. they'll welcome in division foe florida tonight. the caps' main issue has been penalties, allowing 15 power play goals this season.
6:58 am
another league worst, including three on thursday to pittsburgh. general manager george mcafee knows what has to happen. >> it's keeping pucks out of our net. that starts by not taking as many penalties and protecting are the goalies more. they've got to be better. to the hardwood. wizards hosting the nets, celebrating the chinese new year at verizon center. also celebrating some great defense. john wall with the steal, fin ir ishes with the dunk. wizards' defense not done yet. later in the fourth quarter, nene with the block. it's wall off and running. pretty move and pass to trevor for the slam. wizards cruise to an 89-74 win. for the eighth straight game, they hold their opponent to under 100 points. that's your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. this morning, a special hon for for a waiter who stood up for a boy with special needs.
6:59 am
michael garcia was barely able to hold back tears as the boy's school in houston, texas, thanked him. three weeks ago, garcia was at work when a customer sat down and started making comments about 5-year-old milo who has down syndrome. garcia refused service. >> i heard the man say, special needs children need to be special somewhere else. at that point, i was like, okay, done. no more. i'm sorry, i can't serve you. it's just not right. >> the cutest little boy ever. and if standing up for the boy weren't enough, garcia made another huge gesture. he presented a check worth more than $1100 for the school. wow. >> well, good to see at least someone did stand up for him. >> i can't believe someone would even say anything like that. you're glad i wasn't sitting next to you. egg on your face. >> no kidding. >> oh,

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